The 2012 Seed Order

Here’s what we’ll be growing in 2012! Just put the Fedco order in tonight. We’ve loved Seed Savers but they’re farther away and focused more strictly on heirloom (we’re fine with open-pollinated too). Plus, Fedco is taking on Monsanto in a class action lawsuit. No seeds are treated, whether certified organic or not, and they don’t sell genetically engineered seed. Though the large majority of the cultivars listed are heirloom and/or open-pollinated, several varieties are unstable hybrids, notably sweet corns, several brassicas, and eggplants. In the table below, 0- indicates hybrid, 1- indicates open-pollinated. Too many heartbreaks. But don’t worry, we won’t be busting out the Roundup. Still very committed to growing organically and sustainably.

Provider Bean 1
Royal Burgundy Bean 1
Golden Rocky Bean 1
Multicolored Pole Bean Mix Bean 1
Windsor Fava Bean 1
Silver Queen Sweet Corn 0
Dakota Black Popcorn 1
Oregon Giant Snow Peas 0
Jenny Lind Muskmelon 1
Sugar Baby Watermelon 1
Poona Kheera Slicing Cucumber 1
General Lee Slicing Cucumber 0
Richmond Green Apple Slicing Cucumber 1
Shintokiwa Long-Fruited Cucumber 1
Black Zucchini Summer Squash 1
Spaghetti Spaghetti Squash 1
Burpee’s Butterbush Butternut Squash 1
Cheese Pumpkin 1
Howden Pumpkin 1
Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd 1
Birdhouse Gourd 1
Scarlet Nantes Carrot 1
Danvers Carrot 1
Chioggia Beet 1
Golden Detriot Beet 1
Detroit Dark Red Beet 1
Cherry Belle Radish 1
Andover Parsnip 1
Purple Top White Globe Turnip 1
King Richard Leek 1
Evergreen Hardy White Scallion 1
Space Spinach 0
Winter Bloomsdale Spinach 1
Winter Density Bibb/Romaine Lettuce 1
Freedom Lettuce Mix Lettuce 1
Summer Lettuce Mix Lettuce 1
Winter Lettuce Mix Lettuce 1
Arugula Arugula 1
Bright Lights Chard 1
Watercress Cress 1
Tatsoi Asian Green 0
Shuko Pac Choy 0
Green King Broccoli 0
Gustus Brussels Sprout 0
Ruby Perfection Cabbage 0
Frigga Savoy Cabbage 1
White Russian Kale 1
Beedy’s Camden Kale 1
Galine Eggplant 0
Black King Eggplant 0
Long Red Narrow Cayenne Pepper 1
New Ace Pepper 0
Sweet Banana Superette Pepper 0
Ida Gold Tomato 1
Cherokee Purple Tomato 1
Pink Brandywine Tomato 1
Amish Paste Tomato 1
Heirloom Tomato Mix Tomato 1
Genovese Basil 1
Chives Chives 1
Bouquet Dill 1
Purple Coneflower Echinacea 1
Lovage Lovage 1
Solar Flashback Mix Calendula 1
Canary Creeper Calendula 1
Wizard Coleus Cleome 1
Cranberries Double Click Cosmos 1
Sensation Purity Cosmos 1
First Lady Marigold 1
Kniola’s Purple Morning Glory 1
Alaska Mix Nasturtium 1
Danish Flag Poppy 1
Sunflower Sampler Sunflower 1
Benary’s Giants Mix Zinnia 1
Scarlet Flame Zinnia 1
Zowie! Yellow Flame Zinnia 1
Cutflower Mix Flower 1
Wildflower Mix Flower 1
Cascadia Snap Pea 1
Melissa Cabbage 1
Spring Treat Yellow Sweet Corn 0
Saffron Summer Squash 1
Carnival Acorn Winter Squash 0
Waltham Butternut Winter Squash 1

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