Lamb Meat

Marsh Mallo Farm meat is not certified organic, however, meat lambs have never been administered medications of any kind-no hormones, antibiotics or chemical wormers. They are milk- and grass- fed from untreated rotational pastures. As a heritage breed, Jacob meat is relatively low in fat, low in cholesterol and high in protein. Jacob lamb is said to be “sweeter” than conventional lamb meat breeds. For the best tenderness and flavor, lambs are slaughtered before 9 months of age and hung for 7 days prior to processing. Custom processed by Double L Ranch in Altamont, NY – a USDA-Inspected, Animal Welfare Approved Slaughter and Processing Facility.

Contact us to place your order and arrange for on farm pick-up or delivery in the Albany area.

WHOLE LAMB                   $6.00/lb (hanging weight, 20-40 lb.)

HALF LAMB                        $7.00/lb. (hanging weight, 10-20 lb.)

Loin Chops (approx. 4 per pkg.)

Rib Chops (approx. 4 per pkg.) $9.75/lb
Sirloin Chops (approx. 4 per pkg.) $7.50/lb
Rack of Lamb (approx. 2 lb.) Special Order Only $12.50/lb
Leg of Lamb (bone in) $7.50/lb
Boneless Leg of Lamb $8.00/lb
Leg Round Steak (leg slice – bone in – 1/pkg) $7.50/lb
Shoulder Roast 7.00/lb
Ground Lamb $6.50/lb
Stew/Kabob Chunks $6.50/lb
Sweet Sausage (coiled link) $7.25/lb
Chorizo Sausage (coiled link) 7.25/lb
Lamb Liver $5.00/lb
Lamb Shanks (2 shanks per pkg) $5.50/lb
Meaty Stock Bones $4.50/lb
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