Jacob Sheep


IMG_9014IMG_8910We keep a lovely flock of heritage breed, registered Jacob sheep for fiber and annual sale of spring lambs. Marsh Mallo Farm selects primarily for fleece quality and we regularly receive complements on our flock’s fiber character. Rams must have excellent 4-horn set in addition to exceptional fleece to be used in our program.

Our flock keeps on rotational pasture throughout the growing season and overwinters on high-quality, untreated hay from the field across the road. Jacobs grow well on very little grain, though conventional grain is provided to lambing ewes. Lambs sold for meat have grown exclusively on grass and milk and have never received any form of chemical medication.

Jacob fleeces are sought after by hand IMG_7957spinners and those interested in natural color. They are light and open, weighing between 3 & 6 pounds with a staple length of 4 to 7 inches. The wool can be spun into a beautiful spectrum from white through gray/lilac to black. Jacob sheep are an ancient breed that probably originated in Syria some 3000 years ago.

Yearling ewes, weanling ewes, and wethers are available for sale each year beginning in June. Please contact us for more info or to make reservations.